IBD–Fatigue (IBD-F) Self Assessment Scale
Measure your fatigue

How much is fatigue
affecting your

Find out by taking our test to assess
the severity, frequency and duration
of your fatigue.

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    Have these tests been done?

    Active inflammation is one of the most likely causes of fatigue. One or more of the following tests should have been done to exclude active disease. If inflammation is active, this should be treated and then fatigue level re-assessed.

    1. MRI Scan
    2. Colonoscopy
    3. Faecal Calprotectin
    4. Disease index
    5. CRP

    Have these blood tests been done?

    Abnormalities of blood chemistry or micronutrients may be causing or contributing to fatigue. Not all blood tests will be relevant to all patients, but the following might be considered and addressed if abnormal.

    1. Haemoglobin
    2. Ferritin
    3. Vitamin D
    4. Testosterone
    5. Thyroid Function
    6. Vitamin B12
    7. Folate
    8. Magnesium
    9. Sodium
    10. Potassium
    11. Cortisol
    12. CRP

    13. Calcium
    14. Albumin
    15. Glucose
    16. Zinc
    17. Selenium

    Are any of these conditions present?

    Many different conditions can cause or contribute to fatigue. It is worth considering if any of the following are relevant and might need addressing, in addition to IBD.

    1. Depression or low mood
    2. Liver disease
    3. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    4. HIV
    5. Medication
    6. Coeliac Disease
    7. Weight loss
    8. Nutritional deficiencies
    9. Anxiety
    10. Grief
    11. Disease related factors
    12. Alcohol abuse
    13. Drug abuse
    14. Work related stress
    15. Family stress
    16. Overexertion
    17. Inactivity
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