Patient Information

Patient Information

we were awarded A grant to undertake a project on fatigue in IBD

We have been tasked with examining the causes of fatigue, pilot a fatigue assessment tool and explore interventions to improve its management.

How does it feel and what affect can IBD have on your life?

We found that fatigue can have an effect on all aspects of life. Some people find it difficult to function at all when their IBD is active, both because of bowel symptoms but also fatigue.


What can I do to improve my symptoms?

People in our study reported a number of different ways that they managed their fatigue. We look at some of the methods others are using to help reduce their fatigue.


How do you define ‘fatigue’?

Our findings highlight a lack of clarity in the terms used and a lack of consistency on the definition of IBD- fatigue. It has been described as ‘fatigue’, ‘tiredness’, ‘reduced energy’ or ‘declined vitality and vigour’.


Do diet and exercise have a part to play?

As part of our research we looked at whether exercise and diet could play a role in reducing fatigue in IBD.


How well known is fatigue in IBD amongst health care professionals?

We talked to various IBD healthcare professionals to assess the level of awareness and knowledge of fatigue in IBD.


How can I measure my level of fatigue?

Our research tells us that there is a need for a way of measuring fatigue to enable people with IBD to discuss fatigue with their health care professionals. We have developed a Fatigue Scale to do this.


Further information

You may like to visit some of the other information sources developed for other health conditions. Some information may have some cross-over benefit to people living with IBD-related fatigue.


Download our Fatigue and IBD information sheet