The project was divided into six work packages, which seek to answer a number of questions.

Work Package One

Baseline and follow up survey of IBD fatigue awareness, help seeking and services

  • What is the current awareness of IBD fatigue among members and healthcare professionals?
  • Does the project change the level of awareness of fatigue in our members and healthcare professionals?

Work Package Two

Description of IBD-related fatigue.

  • What is the experience of fatigue reported by people with IBD?
  • What coping mechanisms are used by people who live with IBD-related fatigue?

Work Package Three:

Literature review to identify instruments/items suitable for use with people with IBD

  • Which fatigue scales may be suitable for use with IBD pts and which approaches to management are successful in other conditions?

Work Package Four

Psychometric testing of the new IBD specific fatigue measure

  • Can an IBD fatigue assessment scale measure fatigue and its impact in IBD patients?

Work Package Five

Develop and evaluate two interventions to improve fatigue in IBD

  • Will either or both tested interventions improve fatigue in IBD?

 Work Package Six

To determine if people with IBD-related fatigue have undiagnosed medical conditions that could be treated to improve their fatigue?

  • Do people with IBD and fatigue have undiagnosed medical conditions that if treated could improve fatigue?