Your Stories

Your Stories

IBD affects the quality of life and well-being of 300,000 people in the UK.

We talked to you to find out how fatigue affects you, and how you manage it on a daily basis.


Managing IBD Fatigue

The Fatigue Rating Scale

What patients have told us fatigue feels like:

    “physical heaviness … just a general lethargy and can’t-be-bothered-ness. It’s like a kind of physical depression … feeling under the weather”
    Julie, age 47, Ulcerative Colitis

    “just feeling very, very weary, and no inner energy … I’m bone weary is the old way of describing it… An unfamiliar emptiness, a lack of wanting to do things”
    Robert, age 82, Crohn’s Disease

    “My body feels two tonnes of weight … All my limbs feel very heavy”
    Vicky, age 24, Crohn’s Disease

    “Being very woolly in my thinking”
    Gary, age 51, Crohn’s Disease

    “Overwhelming heaviness … you feel like lead … you just feel like you’re twice the weight you are…you just suddenly feel your arms are like lead and your hair’s heavy”
    Catherine, age 49, Ulcerative Colitis

    “very similar to like minor flu symptoms really. … this fuzziness … the tiredness is so heavy, it’s not an ordinary tiredness it’s so heavy and fluffy and strange”
    Sue, age 58, Crohn’s Disease

    “Too exhausted to think”
    Ruby, age 50, Crohn’s Disease

    “The brain fog feeling”
    Harry, age 45, Crohn’s Disease

    “The cogs of your brain have all suddenly gone”
    Hugh, age 39, Crohn’s Disease

    “Fighting your head to try and get it to work … the brain fog”
    Sophie, age 37, Crohn’s Disease

    “Head feels very like cotton woolly, very like fuzzy and I feel really, really tired”
    Fiona, age 21, Crohn’s Disease

    “It’s just like an aura round you where you don’t want to do anything … and your brain is a bit addled”
    Roger, age 64, Crohn’s Disease